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André Koot

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André Koot has working as a business consultant in the field of IAM for over 25 years. He is co-founder of the Netherlands based IAM consultancy company SonicBee.

In IDPro he is a member of the Body of Knowledge committee, writing and reviewing articles, writing blogs. For 12 years running he has also been teaching a 4 day IAM training course, the curriculum aligned with the BoK.


Introduction to Privileged Access Management

André Koot

2024-03-15 Volume 1 • Issue 13 • 2024

The Business Case for IAM

André Koot

2023-10-27 Volume 1 • Issue 12 • 2023

Strategic Alignment and Access Governance

André Koot

2022-12-15 Volume 1 • Issue 10 • 2022

Introduction to Access Control (v4)

André Koot

2020-06-17 Volume 1 • Issue 10 • 2022