About IDPro Body of Knowledge

The Body of Knowledge (BoK) is a growing compilation of IAM knowledge created and reviewed by the IAM community, curated through IDPro, the professional organization for IAM practitioners.  While the content in the BoK will go through both a peer and a public review process, IDPro cannot provide any guarantee that the material is correct or applicable in all situations, or that it is freely available to the public.

The first issue has been published and available under the "Issues" link above.

The Body of Knowledge is Vendor-Neutral

  • The development and maintenance process ensures that no one vendor can control the definition, revision or distribution of the body of knowledge.
  • The articles are vendor-neutral to encourage the reader to frame the problem space in general terms. When seeking products, this allows for choice of vendors without suffering a loss of functionality. 
  • The IDPro Body of Knowledge seeks to be comprehensive, consistent, and publicly available.
  •  IDPro is a multilateral association that is representative of a broad cross-section of the identity industry, open to new members, publishes the rules of membership and operates according to open principles.