Editorial Team

Topic Shepherds

Topic Shepherds are members of the IDPro BoK Committee that work to find authors and provide early feedback on material intended for the BoK. The Topic Shepherd determines if an article is suitable in tone and topic for the BoK, and encourages the author to follow the IDPro BoK Style Guide.

Peer Reviewers

IDPro supports an open and transparent peer-review process: both the name of the reviewer(s) and their review(s) are made available to the author. Usually, a full dialogue starts between the reviewer and the author, to the benefit of both. Once the article is considered ready by both the author and the Principal Editor, it’s time to get other IAM professionals involved. The reviewer is generally selected from the IDPro community and considers the suitability of the content in more detail than the Topic Shepherd will.

IDPro Principal Editor

The IDPro Principal Editor oversees the editorial process, from submission through publication. This is more than just copyediting documents (though that is an important part of the job!). The Principal Editor sets the style guide for the BoK, offers initial reviews and recommendations of article proposals, finds appropriate peer reviewers, and makes sure everyone follows the process.