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Author: Heather Flanagan orcid logo (IDPro)


Editor's Note for Issue 5 of the IDPro Body of Knowledge

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Heather Flanagan, Principal Editor, IDPro - © 2021 IDPro

If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living. —Gail Sheehy

One thing identity practitioners can count on is that information in our industry is constantly changing. When we first envisioned the IDPro Body of Knowledge (BoK), we knew that the BoK would need to reflect that ever-changing reality while still allowing time for thoughtful reviews of what changes should be reflected as current and good practice. To support the competing demands of change and stability, we developed a refresh process that every article published in the BoK will follow.

Issue 5 is the first issue that offers the result of that process. Starting in April, each article published on 30 March in Issue 1 underwent a review. That review involved several steps: reaching out to the authors to see if they had any new information that they wanted to add to the article, asking the BoK Committee and IDPro community for volunteers to review the material to see if it aged well, and checking our GitHub repository for any issues to be addressed in the articles.

Some articles, like the “ Review - ISO/IEC 24760-1:2019 ” and “ Identifiers and Usernames ” were found to still be accurate, relevant, and complete; no changes were made. Other articles, like “ Introduction to Identity – Part 1: Admin-time ”, “ Introduction to Project Management for IAM Projects ”, “ An Introduction to the GDPR ”, and “ Laws Governing Identity Systems ”, required some modifications to hit that bar.

For those of you interested in reviewing exactly what changed, you have options. Version 1 of the articles are still available in the download list found on the right sidebar of each article. If you’d like a more automated approach, you can review the diffs in the GitHub repository for the BoK.

Future issues of the BoK will include both new and refreshed articles. There is always more to document and learn, and I look forward to every article that comes through. Thank you for reading the BoK!