IDPro Author Affiliation Change Process

Managing Affiliation Requests

An author may, for whatever reason, request a change to their affiliation and contact information in published articles. These changes may touch on any of the following areas:

1. By-line in the article header

2. By-line in the body of the document

3. Author Bio section

Change Process

  1. An author may change their contact information (specifically, the email address used to log into the system and which is linked to in each article in the Header by-line) at any time by updating their profile.
    • Login to and select "profile" in the drop down menu under your name.
    • Note: if you want to change your email address you may do so in that section, however, you will be logged out and your account will be marked as 'inactive' until you follow the instructions in the verification email. Changing your email address will also change your username.
  2. For a visible affiliation change for previously published article, the author must submit their request for an affiliation change via email to, including the complete text of the change being requested.
  3. The author assumes all responsibility for this change; any agreement they have with their past or present employers regarding material written while employed is entirely the responsibility of the author.
  4. The IDPro Principal Editor will re-render updated articles, including the HTML and PDF galleys, and publish them as new versions, with correspondingly updated version numbers, in the next release scheduled of the IDPro Body of Knowledge after the request is received. The original versions will be kept on record for historical purposes.