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Editor's Note for Issue 3 of the IDPro Body of Knowledge

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Editor’s Note

Heather Flanagan, Principal Editor, IDPro

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The IDPro Body of Knowledge continues to grow, thanks to the IDPro community. You are the authors, the reviewers, and the people interested in making this kind of information available to IAM practitioners everywhere in the world, and at any level in their careers. We now have exactly 100 terms in our Consolidated Terminology document, which pulls from the terminology explained in each and every article published in the BoK. We have 18 articles, covering topics from IAM architecture to standards, regulations, and laws, access control, non-human entities, and more.

In this latest set of articles, we are looking at IAM both from the human perspective and beyond. Nishant Kaushik writes about ‘Designing MFA for Humans’, which considers MFA not just as a technology but as something that must be consider in the context of its users. Graham Williamson and André Koot, on the other hand, remind us that IAM systems are not just about humans in their article, ‘Non-Human Account Management.’ Blending the world of human and non-human are insights in ‘An Overview of the Digital Identity Lifecycle’ by Andrew Cameron and Olaf Grew.

Human perspective or not, we also need to consider IAM systems that consider identity something that must be owned by the user themselves and not by any central service. This is an area that is often intensely debated, making the article by Leo Sorokin, ‘A Peek into the Future of Decentralized Identity,’ one of particular interest for the IDPro community.

As always, readers are encouraged to offer comments to the articles in our GitHub repository . This repository exists to give you the opportunity to suggest enhancements to existing articles, discuss issues, or otherwise offer feedback. I look forward to seeing your comments!

Issue 4, scheduled Q1 2021, will continue building this comprehensive resource for IAM practitioners. Articles are already in progress covering Policy-Based Access Control, Account Recovery, Access Governance, and more. New authors and reviewers are always welcome; please reach out to if you would like to participate in the process of creating the IDPro Body of Knowledge!

Heather Flanagan

Principal Editor, IDPro