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This is the Editor's Note for Issue 10 of the IDPro Body of Knowledge.


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Editor's Note

Heather Flanagan

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This is the Editor's Note for Issue 10 of the IDPro Body of Knowledge.


The IDPro Body of Knowledge (BoK) could not come together without the BoK Committee. This group of dedicated individuals provides strategic guidance and expert feedback to inform both current and future content of the BoK. From developing the list of topics for our ideal Volume 1 (see the PDF here ) to providing subject-matter expertise for articles being refreshed in the BoK when the original authors are no longer available, the BoK Committee is very hands-on in producing every BoK article.

In Issue 10, we also have several new articles that will be of interest to many:

Issue 10 of the BoK includes several articles that have gone through our refresh process .

The refresh process aims to ensure that the material in the BoK is still accurate, relevant, and current. With feedback offered by reviewers, I, as Principal Editor, or the original authors will update the article. The BoK Committee will, in turn, review the changes as needed. Each revised article includes a brief change log and an updated version number, and you can always find a more detailed comparison between versions in our GitHub repository . When a revised article is posted, a copy of the previous version is available as a link to the current article's page.

The IDPro BoK is not intended to be a collection of standards. Think of it more as a dictionary that captures the current use of words and concepts in our industry. Updates in place to capture the latest on a given topic make it easier for individuals to find and come back to a known source, and the change log offers a snapshot of where information is changing over time.

New articles go through a more rigorous process than the refreshed articles (which have already undergone a full peer review before initial publication). With new articles, at least two peer reviewers offer their subject-matter expertise on the content and recommendation regarding publication before the articles go to the BoK Committee and the IDPro Board for approval. The BoK is by and for our community.

These three articles bring us up to twenty-eight articles (plus our consolidated terminology guide) in the BoK. There are many more topics we would like to have covered in the BoK, and the knowledge on those topics is in our community. If you're willing to help contribute to the BoK, please contact me at . If you're more interested in the bigger picture and strategic direction for the BoK, let me know! The BoK Committee welcomes active participation.